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uCoz Ads - Romanian Market - No Leadership - Shameful Ads !
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Mesaj # 1 | 2:37 PM
For god sake, this spitting in my face attitude, can't go for any longer.

Just a day after a premium plan expires this is what i get in the Romanian market.

Unacceptable disgusting ads !

Although i love uCoz and payed for my site for several years (not to mention the sites that i made for others with your platform), uCoz has done absolutely nothing serious to change these brutally repulsing - vomit quality ads.

As a client i thought i respected you and your business and you respected me. But i find these ads insulting. Your lack of concern and indifference over the years is also incredibly shocking. (to changing the advertisement system with a proper one that is better integrated with the site and one that shows normal ads)

I am considering moving to another provider who at least has the decency to treat me like a business partner.

I don't want a free site, but change your automatic ads system with a proper decent one or i will migrate from this platform after being with you from the beginning.

Complete Insults to all users and business clients !
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Mesaj # 2 | 3:05 PM
Urs, e veche problema.... Reclame decente se pare ca nu exista la ucoz...
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Mesaj # 3 | 12:35 PM
Urs, problema reclamelor a intrat din nou în discuție și sperăm ca, în curând, să venim cu vești care să mulțumească pe toată lumea smile
Good things come to those who wait!
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Mesaj # 4 | 6:26 PM
Buna Felicia,

Te rog daca poti, trimite-le si sugestia mea (de sistem de reclama) pe care o poti sustine si tu din pozitia de administrator in Romania, mai ales daca esti de acord cu ea ( o gasesti mai jos la Suggestion ).

Multumesc sincer !

Poate reusim sa facem uCoz mai atractiv in Romania.

Banner type : Static banner in CP nu functioneaza.


Thank you for your reply.

I am with uCoz from the very beginning (before it was sold to the investment fund).

In the Romanian market uCoz is doing very bad - has a tiny market share and 99% of users have problems paying for their website.

This is because the policy here in Romania was, a total disaster, to use automatic huge advertisement banners (that uCoz has no control over) that display penis enlargement, naked woman, and various disgusting ads.

It is an extremely bad adverting policy to show enlarging penis ads on 25% of the site and other crap like diseases on free sites.

Some top uCoz employees in countries such as Romania are either incompetent or ignorant or both. They are paid for doing nothing and you should fire them and find some competent leaders with vision immediately !

uCoz central offices are not taking suggestions from the right people.
When uCoz insults the users of their business partners (like myself) and <0.1% pay for a package you know something is wrong in that market.

I have made countless suggestions that were appreciated but it seems they never reached the right people.

The most intuitive, elegant and usable ad platform that uCoz can manage and control themselves without annoying, insulting and alienating its own users by showing huge banners with ridiculous content on the free websites, is the following :


Example :

Let me translate this for you. And send this to suggestions.

On 1000 pixels line you have 5 ads x ( 200 x 22 pixels ) for a total of 1000 px x 22 px with two buttons at the end of 11 px x 11 px. The button X closes the bar. The button R takes the user to a page where he can purchase ad space directly on uCoz platform. uCoz then shows the ads and consumes the credit when they are clicked.

The ad banner stays in a fixed position at the top for every free site, like the old bar you had in the past.

This way you control everything and free users in counties like Romania will start to like uCoz and pay for a package !

Unfortunately the excellent administrator you had for the English forums (Sunny) no longer works with uCoz anymore.

I am willing to help you improve your market presence in all markets and make uCoz a better platform but i need your help.

Otherwise i am forced to find alternatives to uCoz for my site + portfolio of sites somewhere else, despite the fact that i love uCoz, because the current advertisement policy on free sites does not work.

Thank you.
Material modificat de Urs - Miercuri, 11/01/2017, 7:51 PM
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Mesaj # 5 | 7:26 PM
Many people are very disappointed by uCoz advertisements on free sites for both desktop PC and smartphones.

uCoz is making less and less money from such big banners because they were added to Ad Block Plus, and more people use ad blocking.

What uCoz unfortunately does is scare new users and insult old partners.

I want to support Urs idea, because i find it brilliant !

The system Urs proposes, would be a rival to Google Ad Sense, and i know that Google refused uCoz to use ad-sense in the past.

uCoz must have its own advertisement system and a slim 5 ads x 200 px x 22 px with 2 buttons of 11x11 px each, ( 1011px in total) in a fixed position at the top (not following the user) is a fantastic solution.

Thank you Urs.
Material modificat de anva - Miercuri, 11/01/2017, 7:33 PM
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Mesaj # 6 | 10:42 PM

a) = Virus/adware/browser hijacker

Info :

Looks like this :

b) = Scam

Info :

Looks like this :

c) On Internet Explorer on the Desktop PC there is an automatic redirect to :

Additional Feedback :

If you are going to use an advertisement system like the one i suggested before or another system that uCoz decides to implement, make sure you have rules for advertisement quality like these :

All clients that want to buy advertisement space on uCoz must respect these rules. If they don't you must be able to remove the ads and ban the advertiser.

uCoz must have proper control over what ads run on uCoz networks.

Adăugat (13/01/2017, 8:22 PM)
Feedback II

On mobile phones (smartphones) uCoz advertisements redirect the site to a casino page or ask for installation of something on the entire screen.

This is terrible.

I advise you, on mobile phones to use a similar 5 x 200 x 22 on the top in a fixed position, not spamming advertisements or automatic redirect of site.

Please do something about this.

Added (2017-01-19, 8:41 PM)
Feedback III

Two problems on mobile advertising.

1. Automatic redirection of site on mobile phones without the possibility to enter the site is unacceptable !

When you try to enter on smartphones the site gets redirected to or other sites.

When people come to they want to see a uCoz site not to be redirected to a casino game, without the possibility to see the original site.

2. Having advertisements over the full screen on mobile phones, on every page, and having to click a small button every time to close it, is an insult. Suggestion : Try a small fixed banner at the top of the site. (uCoz banner and copyright settings -> Static Banner does not work)

If you fix the mobile advertisement problems too, then i am willing to continue for two more years with uCoz for my site + portfolio of sites.

Thank you.

P.S: These problems should be fixed on all sites in the near future.
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Material modificat de Urs - Vineri, 20/01/2017, 1:20 AM
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Mesaj # 7 | 7:22 PM
Urs, încă o dată mulțumesc pentru feedback-ul detaliat pe care l-ai oferit. Așa cum spuneam, toate mesajele cu privire la reclame au fost transmise către echipa care se ocupă de acest aspect. În momentul de față de adresează și situația redirectului care apare în varianta mobilă a site-urilor.
Rugămintea este: dacă mai apare acel redirect automat (nu mă refer la banner de acest tip: la care apare redirect dacă nu se apasă butonul X), să lăsați aici un mesaj în care să specificați
1. site
2. sistem de operare + versiune
3. operator telefonic mobilă
4. locația (localitatea) în care vă aflați atunci când a apărut redirectul.

Good things come to those who wait!
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Mesaj # 8 | 5:24 PM
Cei care fac reclamele care pacalesc utilizatorul, reusesc sa fie mereu cu doi pasi inaintea uCoz, manipuland sistemul prin scripturi care redirectioneaza automat.

Acesti oameni care fac asa zisa reclama mincinoasa au mii de situri care le schimba intre ele imediat cand voi le blocati pe cele vechi.

Doar cu un sistem propriu de reclame cu reguli foarte stricte pentru cei care fac reclama se poate face ordine.

1. Redirectionare instant catre : pe situl
2. OS : Android 5.1.1
3. Telekom Romania
4. Bucuresti

Multumesc Felicia.
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Mesaj # 9 | 4:40 PM
Multumesc! Transmis mai departe smile
Good things come to those who wait!
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